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featherpicking's Journal

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This community is for people with birds that engage in feather-destructive behaviors such as chewing, plucking, barbering and pulling of feathers, and skin mutilation.

"Feather plucking, shredding and chewing are destructive, sometimes habitual, patterns of behavior that can be caused by physical illness, infection or disease, emotional distress or disorders, environmental factors, toxins, malnutrition or dietary/nutritional imbalances, and in some cases hormonal influences. Persistent behavior of this nature may severely damage feather follicles, preventing normal feather growth. It is extremely important to have a thorough physical exam by a qualified avian veterinarian at the onset of this type of conduct. We should remember that our dramatic reactions to this type of behavior can sometimes, inadvertently, play a role in actually encouraging the very activity we are trying to eliminate." ~Sam Foster, Avian Consultant

Please feel free to check out the "plucky stars" in our memories. It is a collection of photos of birds who pluck their feathers.

This community is maintained by angry_crab. If you're posting more then one picture, please use an lj-cut tag.

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Step by Step Instructions to Constructing a Foam Collar by Bill Smith- a wonderful alternative to E-collars.


Recommended Vet Tests for pluckers by Pamela Clark

The Basics of Feather Picking by Tammy Jenkins

What plucked feathers look like.

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Avian Welfare Link
Please consider adoption.

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This is where i got our user pic from. It is a photo by Eli Weiss of Romeo, an umbrella cockatoo, at the Gabriel Foundation.

"Many have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." ~Antoine de Saint Exupery
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